The Silence started their activity in April 2000 from the merging of

Casafusa (a metal band with a hardcore influence) and Insanya (a

thrash metal band).The founding members are: Alessandro Schettino

(electric guitar), Matteo Businaro (bass guitar), Marco De Luca

”Lugh” (drums) and Danny Glick (lead singer). During a period of

 adjustment without a definitive name (they kept changing name from

Midian, to Banshee and Encrateia) they used to play Iron Maiden's and

Europe's covers. After that, the four started to write their own

songs and rearranged two of Casafusa's songs. The sound was Classic

Metal, where it’s possible to get  80's Iron Maiden's influence in

the guitar riffs and in the drum beat. They chose for the name ' The

Silence' and in December 2000 they recorded a four-track CD.

In 2001 Fabio Cavestro "the Viking" became member of the band and

The Silence started up with several gigs and had a good feedback from

the audience. The band was back again in studio on july 2002 to

record their first official demo CD 'Full of Silence', which finally

reached  their expectations. The Cd presentation took place on 19th

December 2002 at the Midnight Pub in Milan, and the audience response

was enthusiastic as always.

In 2003 their live activity became more and more intense. In May they

were invited to take part to a big festival called Meeting del Mare,

which takes place every year in Marina di Camerota, Salerno. The

headliners of that night were the Articolo 31, The Silence were the

only heavy metal band on stage and their exhibition simply drove the

audience crazy. In the following months their live activity kept

going on regularly, but in March 2004 some internal problems emerged

and eventually led the band to split from their drummer Lugh. Two of

the three gigs which followed the split were covered by Mario

Giannini, who helped the band as a session man. Then, around the end

of April, Alessandro 'Rullo' Durini came in touch with The Silence

and soon he joined the band. With the line up finally completed, the

band was once again invited to play at the Meeting del Mare. They

actually played in front of 20.000 people.

The years 2005 and 2006 were completely dedicated to record the

complete studio album including all The Silence's songs.

Afterwards, the 2007 revealed itself to be a particularly intense

year for the band, who received entire engages and achieved the

recording of their next cd in the Moonhouse Studios of Milan,

engineered by Danilo Di Lorenzo. Totally produced by The Silence, all

songs are sung by the guitar-man Alex Schettino due to the separation

from their former singer Danny Glick. Eventually, "Lord of Mercy"

was released in 2008 under contract with "UNDERGROUND SYMPHONY", a

proud Italian metal label, and the band’s name finally changed in

"The Silence".

The promotion post disc engaged the group in various performances as

headliner and as support band to national and foreign groups

(Cauldron-Saint Deamon) and led the group to be on

the stage of events such as the Motorock of Cremona 2010/

Porco Raduno Alcolico Guzzi Team 2012 /Induno Metal Fest and so on.

Now time has come for a brand new studio work. Stay tuned, and

embrace The Silence.

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